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Understanding how child support can impact taxes

Very few people enjoy thinking about their tax situation. That may be especially true for Colorado residents who are going through a divorce. Understanding how divorce and child support can impact one's tax obligations can make it far easier to plan for the future. It can also avoid a number of nasty surprises when tax season rolls around for the year after a divorce is made final.  

1 approach to collecting unpaid child support

For Colorado parents who are raising children after a separation or divorce, having the financial means to do so is a primary concern. In many cases, a noncustodial parent is tasked with making child support payments to help with those costs. When child support goes unpaid, families suffer. One state is looking at an unusual approach to boost collections of unpaid child support.

Understanding the ins and outs of child support

For many Colorado parents, having to provide financial support for their children is not a source of contention. In certain cases, however, parents who are tasked with making child support payments begin to feel as though they are being taken advantage of, and that the money that is being paid is not being used as intended. The following points are offered to help ease child support tensions between parents.

Jesse Jackson Jr. voluntarily increases child support

Colorado readers may be aware of a contentious divorce case between Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The pair have made headlines in recent months as they struggle forward in what is shaping up to be a bitter divorce case. In an unexpected development, Jesse Jackson Jr. has voluntarily increased his child support payments.

What is child support supposed to cover?

When a relationship goes south and there is a child or children involved, many factors come into play and many questions get brought up. Who will the children live with? How much time will the other parent get with the children? Who will pay child to whom? These questions get resolved either through mediation or through the court system.

Filing for Child Support

After a divorce, it is the responsibility of both parents to contribute towards the upkeep of their child. If one of the ex-spouses is proving unwilling to pay child support, the other can make a formal request to the court for assistance in receiving child support. To open a child support case, the parent needs to get in touch with an attorney, who will direct the parent to fill out an application form online or have it sent to their house for $25. In order to get the order enforced, the noncustodial parent's location and place of work need to be known.


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