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February 2018 Archives

Business finances can complicate divorce

For some people, a family-owned business is the lifeblood of their finances. The stability that this provides is desirable for many; however, that stability might be shaken if your husband decides the marriage is over. The finances of the business are a huge consideration when you are trying to divide assets, so make sure that you are fully aware of what is going on.

Division of property in high-asset divorce can be complex

A marital breakup is one of the most challenging ordeals an individual can experience. This is especially true for those going through a high\-asset divorce. One area that may especially spark conflict is trying to figure out what happens to an inheritance.

A practical tip to protect against a high-asset divorce

For many wealthy Colorado families, the marriage of an adult child is a complex mix of joy and trepidation. A marriage brings about a level of risk, especially when it comes to marital wealth. Protecting against the damage that a high\-asset divorce can bring is a top priority, and rightfully so. Here's one approach that can relieve some of the tension brought about by the topic of prenups. 

Considering where to live after a high-asset divorce

For Colorado spouses who are preparing to divorce, living arrangements are often top-of-mind. After all, everyone needs a place to call home, and a high\-asset divorce almost always creates the need for at least one party to find new digs. It is important, however, to make wise decisions in choosing one's post-divorce abode. This is a decision that will have lasting ramifications, which is why Colorado spouses should tread carefully. 

Younger spouses often have simpler property division needs

No one walks down the aisle anticipating a divorce. In reality, however, nearly half of all Colorado marriages will eventually end in divorce. For couples who call it quits in their 20s, the process can be hard to weather. It's important to understand that there are also benefits to divorcing early in life -- a simplified property division process ranking high on that list. 


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