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Do millennials approach property division differently?

Statistics suggest that millennials in Colorado and other states are more likely to embrace prenuptial agreements than other groups. In particular, young women are beginning to seek these marital contracts in growing numbers. Researchers are trying to determine why this demographic is taking a different approach to marriage, divorce and property division than their parents and grandparents. 

One explanation may be that people are delaying marriage now, as compared to previous generations. Many young people want to establish themselves in their careers and pay down debt prior to walking down the aisle. They may also be bringing more assets into the marriage and have a different perspective on the chances of losing that wealth in the event of a divorce. 

Younger people are also more likely to have witnessed their own parents' divorce. They know that the end of a marriage is not the end of the world, and they have a more pragmatic view of life after divorce. That doesn't mean that they are cavalier about divorce, or that they don't expect and hope for their own unions to last a lifetime. 

No matter why millennials are seeking prenuptial agreements in greater numbers, the outcome will be a smoother property division process for those in Colorado who do end up going through a divorce. Because these contracts are drafted at a time when the couple is in love, the provisions are likely to be fair and balanced. Unfortunately, that is not always the goal if the same couple ends up in a highly contentious divorce. 

Source:, "Here's Why Prenups Are More Popular With Millennials", Sarah Midkiff, Dec. 5, 2017

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