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October 2017 Archives

When is it time to begin a high-asset divorce?

Ask spouses to recall the most difficult aspect of their divorce, and the answer is likely to be the same. Making the decision to end a marriage is often the hardest part of the entire divorce process. It can be hard to know when it's time to pull the plug on a faltering union, and some Colorado spouses wait for years before finally taking action. In reality, there is no ideal time to begin a high\-asset divorce, but there are indicators that suggest that a marriage is irreparable.

Taxes a consideration for high-asset divorce

The end of a marriage can be a challenge for any individual, but when large sums of money are also at stake, the challenges can be greater. When settling a high\-asset divorce, it can potentially be important to understand how the support payments can affect your income at tax time. In Colorado, people who have informed themselves about how taxes will affect support payments may find themselves less stressed in their daily lives. 

Infant's death leads to ongoing child custody battle with parents

An unusual and deeply disturbing case is making headlines in Colorado and across the nation. A couple has lost custody of their two young children, ages 2 and 3, after the death of their newborn infant. According to investigators, the parents intentionally refused medical care for the baby, despite signs that the child was in distress. Now, they seem to be making a stand as they face an increasingly difficult child custody battle with their state of residence.

Understanding how child support can impact taxes

Very few people enjoy thinking about their tax situation. That may be especially true for Colorado residents who are going through a divorce. Understanding how divorce and child support can impact one's tax obligations can make it far easier to plan for the future. It can also avoid a number of nasty surprises when tax season rolls around for the year after a divorce is made final.  


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