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"Dogimony" center of property division disagreement

When a Colorado couple decides to go their separate ways, reaching an agreement on how to divide marital assets is a big focus of the divorce process. For those who have pets, provisions are often included regarding pet care and expenses. If those terms are not met after the divorce is made final, the matter may go before a court of law. An example is found in an unusual property division disagreement regarding a particularly pampered pooch.

The case centers on an English bulldog named Lola. When Lola's owners divorced in 2012, the husband agreed to pay the wife $200 per month to cover the cost of Lola's care. In addition, he also agreed to cover all feeding expenses and half of any veterinary bills. In a recently filed action, the wife claims those obligations have not been met.

In the lawsuit, Lola's caretaker claims that she has had to pay $12,000 for Lola's upkeep. An additional $18,000 was allegedly spent on food and more than $2,000 on veterinary care. She claims that her former husband has not met his agreed-upon financial obligations in regard to Lola's care. Now, she is asking the court to rule on the matter, in addition to a claim that her former husband is also in arrears for nearly $100,000 in other settlement items.

If this case goes before a court, a judge may decide who will be responsible for the costs associated with this pet's care, as well as other property division issues. It is unclear whether the expenses cover the entire six years since the divorce and property agreement, or only a portion of that time. What is certain is that Lola leads a life that many Colorado dogs would envy.

Source:, "Man owes Manhattan ex-wife $32,000 in dog alimony after financially abandoning pooch: lawsuit", Chelsia Rose Marcius, Aug. 25, 2017

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