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These tips can help you prepare for a divorce

You worked hard to make something of yourself. Much of the time you spent developing your company was when you were with your spouse. Of course, your spouse did not have much to do with it. He worked all the time, and since you did not have children, both of you spent time doing the things you cared about even when that meant not supporting one another.

Now that it's come time for a divorce, you know that you could lose some of your assets to your spouse. What can you do to protect your assets? Here are just a couple of ideas.

1. Prepare with a prenuptial agreement

Before you get a divorce you should take some moves to protect your money. First, if you have a prenuptial agreement, that may help you protect the assets you brought into your marriage. If you don't have a prenuptial agreement, you may want to start paying down debts and make sure your accounts are in your name alone.

2. Talk to your spouse about what he or she expects

There is no reason to get stressed about a divorce by worrying about things you don't know. Be clear and ask your spouse about what he or she wants. Once you have an idea about what he or she thinks is fair, you can begin to negotiate a fair settlement with each other. If there is something that neither of you can agree on, you should consider going to mediation or arbitration.

3. Determine your separate assets

The most important step is to make sure you know which assets are separate and which assets are marital. If you can show the judge that your assets have been separate the entire marriage or that you brought assets into the marriage that have not been used for your spouse's benefit, then you can show that he or she should not be able to seek a portion of those items.

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