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Jurisdiction is critical in child custody cases

For Colorado parents who anticipate a difficult custody battle, taking a carefully considered approach is the best way to achieve a favorable outcome. For some, that includes making strategic decisions concerning where to file their child custody case. For parents who have the opportunity to file in different jurisdictions, it is important to research those options prior to making a decision.

For example, consider a couple that has been experiencing marital difficulties for many years. The husband accepts a job offer in his home state, leaving his wife and children to finish out the school year in their current state of residence. If either parent wishes to end the marriage and begin child custody proceedings, choosing between those two jurisdictions can make a great deal of difference in how the case will be resolved.

In order to make the best possible decision, spouses need to research child custody law in all of their jurisdictional choices. The first step is determining the details of one's preferred custody arrangement. Next, it is important to choose the jurisdiction that is more favorable toward those preferences, or at least achieves some of the more important elements on that list.

Working with a child custody attorney is an excellent way to become informed on jurisdictional differences. An attorney can guide parents through the various available options, outlining the pros and cons of each choice. Having that information can make it far easier for Colorado parents to determine a course of action that is in line with their preferences and the needs of their children.

Source:, "Jurisdictional Challenges More Complex in Divorce and Child Custody Actions", Carson Epes Steinbauer, Aug. 21, 2017

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