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August 2017 Archives

Jurisdiction is critical in child custody cases

For Colorado parents who anticipate a difficult custody battle, taking a carefully considered approach is the best way to achieve a favorable outcome. For some, that includes making strategic decisions concerning where to file their child custody case. For parents who have the opportunity to file in different jurisdictions, it is important to research those options prior to making a decision.

Another state considers shared child custody bill

Like all other areas of law, the manner in which parental rights and responsibilities are divided after divorce is subject to change over the years. The nature of our legal system allows for ongoing modifications of existing law as cultural and other factors change the way that we view the world. This is especially true in matters of child custody, where approaches shift over time. An example is found in a recent trend toward shared custody outcomes; Colorado parents may be interested to know that yet another state is considering a bill that would change the way that custody determinations are made.

Child custody case focused on the IQ level of parents

For most Colorado parents, the concept that they could lose their children to the custody of the state is as foreign as a meteor strike in the backyard. In reality, however, there are cases where fit and proper parents lose their child custody rights for reasons that are difficult to imagine. An example is found in the case of a couple who lost their parental rights over concerns that they were not smart enough to raise their own children.

Addressing gifts in a Colorado high-asset divorce

While preparing to wed, many Colorado residents consider including a prenuptial agreement in their planning. For many, this is a prudent financial planning step, and can stave off many of the difficulties that come with a high\-asset divorce. When preparing a prenup, it is vital to include the financial matters that mean the most to both parties. That should include a set of provisions that address how gifts will be handled in the event of a divorce.

These tips can help you prepare for a divorce

You worked hard to make something of yourself. Much of the time you spent developing your company was when you were with your spouse. Of course, your spouse did not have much to do with it. He worked all the time, and since you did not have children, both of you spent time doing the things you cared about even when that meant not supporting one another.

These property division choices support retirement planning

Going through a divorce is never a simple or easy process, even for Colorado spouses who are ready to move on to the next phase of their lives. When making divorce decisions, especially financial ones, it is essential to consider one's long term interests, in addition to short term financial needs. That is especially true for individuals who are nearing retirement age. The following property division approaches can help support retirement planning efforts.


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