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June 2017 Archives

During property division, be sure to account for all assets

The timeframe between deciding to end a marriage and the point at which that decision is made legally binding can be hectic. There are a great many tasks that must be accomplished during this relatively short period of time, and even the most well-organized Colorado spouses can feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, there are also a great many mistakes that can be made during this timeframe, many of which can be costly. Forgetting about less common assets is a prime example and is a property division issue that deserves attention.

Father of tennis star daughters faces high-asset divorce

Ask any Colorado tennis fan to name a few players who have made historic strides in the sport, and the names Venus and Serena Williams will almost certainly be uttered. Many people who follow the sport are aware that their father, Richard Williams, was instrumental in shaping the early training and competitive nature that Venus and Serena have used to propel themselves into the highest levels of professional tennis. He is now facing a high\-asset divorce with his second wife, and the matter has made headlines as the two parties begin the legal process of ending their union.

Child custody case centers on medical marijuana use

A couple is faced with losing their parental rights in a case that has garnered media attention in Colorado and across the nation. The couple have five children, all of whom were removed from their parents' care by the Department of Children and Families in their state of residence. According to the parents, that child custody move was done to prevent the family from moving to Colorado, where the parents would have access to legal medical marijuana.

Handling child custody appropriately benefits children

When a Colorado family is preparing to divorce, the most pressing priority is usually how the change in family structure will impact their children. It is impossible to deny that divorce can be disruptive in the life of a child, but recent research suggests that the manner in which parents handle divorce and child custody matters is more important than the fact of the divorce itself. These findings underscore the importance of working together to reach a settlement with which everyone can live.

Track expenses for optimal property division outcome

When addressing their financial needs, one of the most powerful steps that a Colorado resident can take is gaining a comprehensive understanding of his or her expenses. This is true during all phases of life, but never more so than during the course of a divorce. In order to achieve a favorable property division outcome, it is absolutely necessary to have a firm grasp on the full range of current and projected expenses.


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