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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones loses child custody case

Some Colorado readers are familiar with the work of Alex Jones, the man behind InfoWars, which is a platform for many different conspiracy theories and alt-right viewpoints. While Jones usually makes headlines over his dramatic proclamations and other publicity efforts, he has recently been in the news for a far less public reason. Jones has lost a child custody case that has gone on for some time now. Some say that his loss was due in part to some questionable behavior in the courtroom.

Jones and his former wife, Kelly Jones, share three children who range in age from 9 to 14. After the couple split, Jones was named the "managing conservator" of the kids, who lived with him and only had occasional visitation with their mother. Kelly Jones claimed that her former husband was an unfit parent. In arguing that point, her attorney insisted that the irrational and, at times, erratic behavior that Jones presents on InfoWars is in line with his real-life behaviors. Jones asserted that his on-air persona is nothing more than a style of performance art.  

Jones has made a name for himself by making radical and sometimes unbelievable claims. While in court for a recent custody hearing, Jones claimed that he was not able to recall the ages of his kids due to the fact that he had eaten a bowl of Texas chili prior to the hearing. He also made statements alleging that George Soros has been controlling the potency of marijuana. A video presented at the hearing showed Jones using that drug on a podcast.

The court sided with Kelly Jones, who will now have the right to determine where the kids will reside. Alex Jones will have visitation rights, but he will no longer be the decision-making party for the three children. For many in Colorado, that outcome is nothing short of a child custody loss. The degree to which Jones' on-air antics may have influenced the court's decision remains unknown.

Source:, "Tyranny Alert: Alex Jones Loses Child Custody Battle", William Hicks, April 28, 2017

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