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Child custody case results from online "prank" videos

Many Colorado residents are aware of the online video sharing platform known as YouTube. Users are able to upload and share videos on virtually any topic, which can then be viewed, downloaded and made use of by individuals around the globe. In a recent child custody matter, a couple has lost access to their five children after reports of inappropriate video content uploaded to their YouTube channel, which is known as DaddyOFive.

The online community reached out to Child Protective Services over disturbing content on the family's channel. In multiple videos, the parents are seen playing "pranks" on their five children. In some videos, a young boy is repeatedly brought to tears by his parents' actions. An example lies in a video in which the boy's stepmother pours invisible ink on the carpet of his bedroom, then calls the child into the room and proceeds to hurl profanity and accusations at him. The child tearfully proclaims his innocence until the parents let him know that the incident was nothing more than a prank.

Child Protective Services looked into the matter, which led to the removal of all five children from the home. Two of the children have been placed into the care of their biological mother on an emergency basis. It is unclear whether she will seek permanent custody of her children, although she has reached out to reporters to discuss her distress and dismay over the actions seen in the videos.

As this case demonstrates, parents in Colorado and elsewhere can and will be held accountable for poor parenting decisions, especially when those decisions are displayed on an open forum and presented to the public as entertainment. An upcoming hearing could clarify how the court plans to handle this serious child custody matter. Until then, the parents have taken down the offensive videos and replaced them with footage in which they offer acknowledgment of their poor decision-making and promises to better look after the best interests of their five children in the future.

Source:, "Mom who won temporary custody of her 2 kids after YouTube stars' "prank" videos says they were abused", May 5, 2017

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