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May 2017 Archives

Will you have to pay your ex-husband alimony?

After more than ten years of marriage, you and your husband have decided to part ways. You know the divorce will be complex. While your husband spent his time trying to fulfill his dreams of becoming an artist, you built your own interior design firm from the ground up. Many years of success have allowed you to purchase a second home, investment property, and build a strong stock portfolio. Theoretically, you could retire now and live very comfortably. However, you love the work too much to walk away from it. In addition, your divorce settlement may include handing over a significant portion of your assets to your husband.

Supreme Court rules on military property division matter

For Colorado residents who are members of the United States military and are preparing to divorce, understanding how that process will play out is a top priority. The division of marital wealth is a serious matter during a divorce, as the outcome can have a lasting impact on all parties. A recent Supreme Court case delved into one aspect of military property division, and a determination was made concerning retirement pay.

Child custody case results from online "prank" videos

Many Colorado residents are aware of the online video sharing platform known as YouTube. Users are able to upload and share videos on virtually any topic, which can then be viewed, downloaded and made use of by individuals around the globe. In a recent child custody matter, a couple has lost access to their five children after reports of inappropriate video content uploaded to their YouTube channel, which is known as DaddyOFive.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones loses child custody case

Some Colorado readers are familiar with the work of Alex Jones, the man behind InfoWars, which is a platform for many different conspiracy theories and alt-right viewpoints. While Jones usually makes headlines over his dramatic proclamations and other publicity efforts, he has recently been in the news for a far less public reason. Jones has lost a child custody case that has gone on for some time now. Some say that his loss was due in part to some questionable behavior in the courtroom.

How a separation can impact the property division process

For some couples, a period of separation is an option that can help both parties make it through a rough patch in their relationship. In fact, many couples who go through a separation are able to emerge with a stronger bond and have long and happy marriages. For older Colorado residents, a separation can lead to problems, especially in regard to property division.


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