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Mediation can make divorce easier for your children

Other than ensuring that the division of assets and custody will be fair, one of the most common concerns during divorce is the impact it will have on the children. Divorce can cause a broad range of emotional reactions in children, from depression and anxiety to guilt and anger.

The more contentious the divorce and the more involved in the process the children become, the greater the potential for severe emotional fallout. That doesn't mean that you should stay in a bad marriage just to protect your children. However, it does mean that you should be conscientious about how you handle things.

Working with a divorce attorney who is compassionate and willing to put the needs of your children first is important. A lawyer can help you negotiate with your former spouse and guide you through the process of mediation.

Mediation may shield your children from the worst parts of a court divorce, including being forced to decide where to live and listening to testimony about each parent. You don't want to work with an attorney who pushes you to react negatively to everything but one who encourages you to be your best self and think of your children first.

Mediation also gives you more control over the divorce outcome

When your divorce goes through the courts, the judge has the final say about everything, from the division of your assets to visitation and custody issues. When you and your former spouse agree to work through your issues in mediation, you can both have more control over the process.

You may not see things the same way, but with the help of a mediator and your personal attorney, you can reach mutually beneficial compromises on all of the most important issues. You can also reduce the emotional impact on your children, who will see you both behaving as respectful adults.

Many times, it is the court process that hurts children the most during divorce. Being expected to pick sides and listening to testimony about each parent's mistakes and bad behavior can be difficult. Thankfully, mediation allows you to completely bypass that process. You and your former spouse can work through your disagreements about custody and assets without involving your children in the process.

An attorney is important to successful mediation

Even if you're committed to mediation, tempers can still flare. Your attorney can help you process your feelings and advocate for the best possible outcome. When you want to keep your divorce's impact on your children minimal, mediation may be your best option.

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