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What is child support supposed to cover?

When a relationship goes south and there is a child or children involved, many factors come into play and many questions get brought up. Who will the children live with? How much time will the other parent get with the children? Who will pay child to whom? These questions get resolved either through mediation or through the court system.


Once they are worked out, often one or both parents are still left with questions. The parent paying child support to the custodial parent may want to know exactly how their child support payment is being used.

Child support is used to cover a variety of costs that are incurred when raising a child. They don't only cover the very basics, like food or clothing, but rather cover the expansive need that the child has -- from medical care or school expenses.

There are many fees associated with school ? books, meals, snacks, etc. ? as well as fees for extracurricular activities, like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and the list goes on. These sports, and even club activities often require equipment or in some cases, travel expenses. It is assumed that that custodial parent will use part of the child support received to pay for such activities and their related expenses.

This does not mean that only one parent pays to support the child. Both parents have a financial responsibility to support their child(ren). And differing opinions can make these types of cases more difficult when if comes to question why, when, how child support should be paid. Getting the advice and assistance from an experienced attorney can help ease those questions and concerns, whether you're the parent paying the child support or receiving it.


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