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Essential Tips for Drafting a High-Asset Divorce Case

Getting divorced draws various emotions depending on your current relationship with your partner. For some, it can be a disastrous and shocking experience that will affect your physical and psychological wellbeing. For most, it can be a blessing in disguise with a significant pay cheque on the horizon. Whatever your motives are, you might expedite a swift and smooth process especially when children are involved. When you come across a high-asset divorce, you probably think of lots of cash in bank accounts, stocks in various companies, luxury cars and apartments spread across the country, if not the globe.

Getting separated from a spouse notably known as a high-wage earner can be tricky and challenging, to say the least. You might have sacrificed your career to take care of the kids while they embraced the role of breadwinner in the family. When slapped with divorce cases, it’s totally understandable to consider the next phase of your independent life post-divorce. Before an annulment can be finalized, both spouses must ascertain marital property and conduct a comprehensive asset valuation immediately. A high-asset divorce can either be a swift or tedious process depending on the presiding emotions from the aggrieved party. Despite the current differences rocking your marriage, it is advisable to evaluate the best interests of the kids as you sever marital relationships.

As you prepare to wind up your marriage, it is advisable not to engage in bitter conflicts with your spouse, lest the entire annulment is thrown into jeopardy. In such a case, evaluate properties jointly owned to safeguard your interests at all times. In exceptional circumstances, your ex-spouse might try to convince you into wavering your rights as an equal partner. Under no circumstances should you heed to such advice especially when it gives them an unfair advantage over you during asset division.

Hiding assets in offshore accounts might seem like an excellent technique but once discovered, they can adversely affect your chances of equal asset division. Apart from losing credibility before a Judge, your child visitation rights might be withheld for an indefinite timeframe.

Are you in need of a high-asset divorce from your spouse? Contact a seasoned Family Law attorney in Colorado for legal advice.

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