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Mistakes to avoid during a high asset divorce

Divorces are neither easy nor pleasant. Both spouses are usually in an emotionally vulnerable state throughout the process, and find themselves acting out of anger and spite, which ultimately ends up hurting their own interests.


There are mistakes that are often made during a high asset divorce that should be avoided. One such mistake is agreeing to any terms just to get the divorce. While it can seem that no price would be too dear in return for ending a bad marriage, agreeing blindly to your spouse's terms can mean they gain most of the advantage during the division of property, child custody and spousal support.

Feelings of guilt should also be guarded against, whether towards your spouse or your child. Giving in to guilt can cause you to waive your rights as an equal partner, giving an unfair advantage to the other party.

Trying to hide your assets is also a bad idea, since they can be detected by skilled attorneys, and make your case look much worse in front of the judge. You will lose your credibility, and likely most of your assets. Take care to properly account for all your assets and liabilities so the court can't accuse you of squirreling away any assets.

It is also important not to give in to anger. You must not enter into the divorce proceedings with a vengeful spirit, since it can make you pour unnecessary money into trying to make sure your spouse does not get anything out of the divorce, a tactic that is ultimately fruitless. Also, take care while choosing your lawyer. Do the research, ask your friends and make sure to hire someone who will fight hard on your behalf. The lawyer will be your closest ally during the divorce, and should be someone whom you can place your trust in and rely upon.


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