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Making Joint Custody Works

The aftermath of a divorce can be rough, especially for the child who is caught in the middle a joint custody arrangement. That is why special care must be taken to ensure that the new reality of joint custody does not prove to be too taxing for the child. You need to be careful not to criticize your ex-spouse too much in front of your child, since this can have a negative effect on the child's relationship with the parent and possibly affect all future relationships the child cultivates. The custody arrangement should be focused on making life easier for the child. Remember that the child is not a trophy to be won from the other parent but a human being with feelings and emotions.

Be realistic about designing a schedule that affords both you and your ex-spouse time with the child by using a timetable that both can stick to. The child's activities should be taken into account as well, along with their age and personality, and any academic or extra-curricular activity that the child is involved in. While dealing with infants, it is usually a good practice to keep the child with the mother, although recent studies have shown that moving children frequently in their tween years between parents does not have a negative effect on their development.

Remember that just because your ex-spouse was not a good partner does not necessarily mean he or she is also a bad parent. The child should continue a relationship with both parents in order to have the best chance of a healthy, normal life. Find ways to communicate with your spouse regarding your child without the conversation devolving into hurled insults and the blame-game. If meeting face-to-face is too difficult, take the help of social media, texting, emailing etc. There are many websites available which can help you organize your schedule, keel a log of time assigned to each parent, organize court dates and more.

Don't get into an argument about every little point with your ex-spouse. This turns the relationship even more negative than it already is, and leaves less room for compromises, which are an essential part a joint custody arrangement. Remember to allow your child to voice their concern. Review the arrangement from time to time to see if any modifications need to be made to the arrangement to make it more convenient for all the involved parties. If you find that your ex-spouse is not sticking to the arrangement or not fulfilling their duty in some other manner, you can take the help of your attorney to enforce the custody agreement in court. 

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