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Factors favoring relocation after a divorce with children

Sometimes, divorce proceedings can become so filled with negativity and ill feelings on the part of both ex-spouses and their children that the only way to heal is for one of the parents to relocate to a new area, whether to a new city or state. Here are some of the factors that can help you make a solid argument in court for relocating after the divorce along with your children:

1. Greater Stability

Point out how the move will help create greater stability for your children in financial terms. The relocation can be necessitated by a new job in another area. Evidence for such an opportunity must be presented in court, in the form of proof of the new salary and other benefits to the family. 

2.A New Family

Another reason to relocate can be because you wish to get married again. Prove that the new marriage can help provide a better home for your children and greater support during their growing years.

3. A Better Support System

Relocation can also bring you closer to your other family members and close friends who can help you care for your children.. You will need to offer solid proof that your children are emotionally close to your relatives in the new area you wish to move to.

4. A Fresh Start

Some divorces can get so ugly that the only way to get a fresh start is through relocation. Having a new home can have a positive effect on the children, and help them put the divorce behind them. Be careful not to imply that you desire to relocate simply to get away from your ex-spouse, which is not considered a good reason by the law. Prove the other benefits of the new area, such as better schools, job opportunities or medical facilities.

5. A Clear Plan

Your main aim throughout the hearing is to convince the court that you have a clear plan for aiding in your children's upbringing through the relocation. Show the court that you have thought all the details through, such as the visitation schedule with your ex-spouse, plans for school vacations, the time you will be able to spend with your children.

Child custody cases can be difficult. You may want to contact an attorney to assist you with your case.

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