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December 2016 Archives

Hiding assets? 3 reasons it could come back to haunt you

Complicated and emotionally draining, divorce can cause strain and conflict in your life. You invest time and money into a marriage that you expect to last. Then, suddenly you're thrown into a situation where you must decide the best path forward.

5 things you should know about child custody in Colorado

In Colorado, the legal term "parental responsibilities" is used to refer to matters of child custody and visitation. The considerations that go into determining parental responsibilities during a divorce vary from those of other states. Here are some of the most important things to know when entering into a divorce in Colorado.

Mandatory disclosure in Colorado divorce cases

In Colorado, the dissolution of a marriage requires both parties to make a full and honest disclosure of their assets and liabilities to one another. You have around 40 days from when the petition is served to make this disclosure. Should either party fail to disclose the entirety of their assets or liabilities, the courts may order them to pay the other party's attorney fees, impose fines or even subject them to jail time.

3 points women should know about credit and divorce

You have worked hard to get your credit to an excellent score. You want to keep that good rating and don't want your divorce to ruin it. It is important that you fully understand how your divorce might impact your credit rating. There are some facts that might come as a shock to you, so be sure you are ready for these as you work through divorcing your ex.


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