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How a separation can impact the property division process

For some couples, a period of separation is an option that can help both parties make it through a rough patch in their relationship. In fact, many couples who go through a separation are able to emerge with a stronger bond and have long and happy marriages. For older Colorado residents, a separation can lead to problems, especially in regard to property division.

After property division, have a plan in place for new credit

Once a divorce is made final, Colorado residents should turn their attention toward building a strong financial foundation for the years ahead. For those who are fortunate, the outcome of the property division process will help to create a solid base from which to build upon. Obtaining new lines of credit is an important part of that process for many people, but it can be hard to know where to begin.

Steps Involved in Property Division

Colorado law requires an equitable distribution of property at the time of divorce between the two spouses. Equitable distribution refers to a system of property division which is based more on 'Fair' distribution rather than a strictly equal distribution of property. How to fairly divide the property depends on several factors that the court takes into account, such as the spouse's economic circumstances, their future income capacity and how the division will affect their children.

Hiding assets? 3 reasons it could come back to haunt you

Complicated and emotionally draining, divorce can cause strain and conflict in your life. You invest time and money into a marriage that you expect to last. Then, suddenly you're thrown into a situation where you must decide the best path forward.


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