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Infant's death leads to ongoing child custody battle with parents

An unusual and deeply disturbing case is making headlines in Colorado and across the nation. A couple has lost custody of their two young children, ages 2 and 3, after the death of their newborn infant. According to investigators, the parents intentionally refused medical care for the baby, despite signs that the child was in distress. Now, they seem to be making a stand as they face an increasingly difficult child custody battle with their state of residence.

One state separates matters of divorce and child custody

When a Colorado resident goes through divorce, that process is handled through a specific court that focuses on family law matters. Child custody issues will be handled as part of the overall divorce process. However, one state has long separated issues of divorce and child custody, at least for unmarried parents. Public outrage and numerous legal challenges have led to a change in that policy.

How to choose the best possible child custody attorney

As Colorado parents prepare to divorce, there are a number of factors that must be considered. For those who share one or more children, child custody will likely play a central role throughout the divorce process. Choosing the right attorney to complete a child custody case is important, and is a decision that can have a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Jurisdiction is critical in child custody cases

For Colorado parents who anticipate a difficult custody battle, taking a carefully considered approach is the best way to achieve a favorable outcome. For some, that includes making strategic decisions concerning where to file their child custody case. For parents who have the opportunity to file in different jurisdictions, it is important to research those options prior to making a decision.

Another state considers shared child custody bill

Like all other areas of law, the manner in which parental rights and responsibilities are divided after divorce is subject to change over the years. The nature of our legal system allows for ongoing modifications of existing law as cultural and other factors change the way that we view the world. This is especially true in matters of child custody, where approaches shift over time. An example is found in a recent trend toward shared custody outcomes; Colorado parents may be interested to know that yet another state is considering a bill that would change the way that custody determinations are made.

Child custody case focused on the IQ level of parents

For most Colorado parents, the concept that they could lose their children to the custody of the state is as foreign as a meteor strike in the backyard. In reality, however, there are cases where fit and proper parents lose their child custody rights for reasons that are difficult to imagine. An example is found in the case of a couple who lost their parental rights over concerns that they were not smart enough to raise their own children.

How to handle child custody negotiations with a narcissist

When a Colorado marriage goes south, it is not uncommon for spouses to begin accusing one another of various personality deficiencies. Every forgotten anniversary or failure to keep the garage clean can become a symptom of an imagined larger problem. In some cases, however, there are true personality disorders at play, which can make divorce and child custody negotiations nothing short of a nightmare. The following tips can help spouses move through this process as swiftly and with as little turmoil as possible.

Child custody case centers on medical marijuana use

A couple is faced with losing their parental rights in a case that has garnered media attention in Colorado and across the nation. The couple have five children, all of whom were removed from their parents' care by the Department of Children and Families in their state of residence. According to the parents, that child custody move was done to prevent the family from moving to Colorado, where the parents would have access to legal medical marijuana.

Handling child custody appropriately benefits children

When a Colorado family is preparing to divorce, the most pressing priority is usually how the change in family structure will impact their children. It is impossible to deny that divorce can be disruptive in the life of a child, but recent research suggests that the manner in which parents handle divorce and child custody matters is more important than the fact of the divorce itself. These findings underscore the importance of working together to reach a settlement with which everyone can live.

Child custody case results from online "prank" videos

Many Colorado residents are aware of the online video sharing platform known as YouTube. Users are able to upload and share videos on virtually any topic, which can then be viewed, downloaded and made use of by individuals around the globe. In a recent child custody matter, a couple has lost access to their five children after reports of inappropriate video content uploaded to their YouTube channel, which is known as DaddyOFive.


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